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Director 300 Class (Links and Slide images)

Simon Sinek Golden Circle video

The 3 Videos to Text

The Redox Breakthrough

Dr. David Silverman Explains ASEA


ASEA Genesis


7 Min Quickdraw


Live Cell Blood Analysis images and testimonial





Testimonial text

A friend of mine who also happens to be a Naturopath did a Live Cell Blood Analysis before starting ASEA.

In the 2 "Before" photos notice that the blood cells are clumped together, this is a sign of "sticky or thick" blood which is a sign of inflammation.  Cancer can also hide from the immune system in "sticky or thick" blood.  Also notice the "debris" in between the cells.


After 6 weeks of drinking ASEA, the Naturopath did another Live Blood Cell Analysis. (After photo)  You can see that the blood cells are no longer clumped together and the debris is gone.


This woman is in her early 70s.  This much improvement in the blood in only 6 weeks is truly MIRACULOUS! 

Autoimmune Testimonial Video

Cristina Williams "How and Whom to contact with our Redox Business"

Study and take notes from

Jim Rohn "How to build your Network Marketing Business"

D300 Week 2 Presentation Video

Cell Performance Drinks Quickdraw

How to Navigate Your Backoffice

First Month Recap (Week 4 presentation)

The Science Behind the Cell Performance Drinks

The Text

This is (your name), here is the link to the 2 minute video about the Gel.

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Also, here is a 2 minute video about the Cell Performance Drinks

 - (Link to The Science Behind Cell Performance Drinks)

Building your ASEA Business to Bronze and Beyond by Cristina Williams

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