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Redox Warriors Scripts

What We Text to Prospects:

(Prospect's Name), Here is the short 4 minute video..  Got Redox? Got 11 minutes?

Then check out these results others are having. Then text me "yes" for next step, thnx (Your Name)

What We Email to Prospects:

1. (First Email)

Here is the information to review.

The Science Behind The Product (7 minutes)

The Company:

ASEA Genesis - 5:28


ASEA Production Facility - 5:20


  ASEA Breakthrough – 12:57


The Product:

Go to and enter the password 'redox'. 


Watch the 7 minute Overview video  and then watch Testimonial #2

( a board certified pain doctor) and then #35 (A Naturopathic Doctor) 

Then text me "Yes" for the next step at (Your name and cell phone)

2. (2nd Email) 


A Closer Look at ASEA


Go to and enter the password 'Associate’. 


Watch the interview with Dr. Gary Samuelson that's on the second page. He is the scientist that stabilized Redox Signaling Molecules outside of the human body.


Then watch this short video on what Doctors say about Redox Signaling Molecules


Then  Click on 2017 Independent Study from Taueret Laboratories (Double Blind Placebo) that shows the irrefutable scientific evidence of ASEA Redox Signaling Molecules 

Then "Next Step" is to text me "YES,  For More Info....Your name and Cell Number

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