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Your Guide to Meetings!

Skincare Party!

Step by step video guide

Invitation templates

Collagen and skin care invitation v3.png

The Sign-Up Sheet

Sign Up Sheet.png

PDF Version

"Screensaver Image"


PDF Version

"Presentation" from Redox Label

Redox Label.png

PDF Version

Skincare Capture Page

Create a small "binder" with the following documents inside:

Endocrine System.jpg
Digestive System.jpg
Immune System.jpg
Integumertary (skin) system.jpg
Respiratory system.jpg
musculoskeletal system.jpg
Nervous System.jpg

PDF Version for Printing

Redox Health and Wellness Presentation

The Invitation

Flyer Template Updated.png

This is yours to use.  FREE! You can print it on cardstock (two per sheet) and use a paper cutter to cut them in half.  You can either copy this template and add in your own information and print it out, or take it somewhere like office depot.  You could also hand write the information and print it as is.  Or even use some sticker labels!

If you want me to completely create them custom for you and ship them to you, send me an email at to get a price.   It will be cheaper to just have it done through vista print though. 

This is yours to use.  FREE! You can print it yourself, front and back.  Or take it to Office Depot and have it printed for you. Hand them this document when they enter the meeting.





PDF Version for Printing

Listen to this recorded call to learn how to use everything!

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